Deciding Between Lenses and Glasses

For the layman or woman, basically the patient as he or she should be known, deciding between contact lenses and eyeglasses may come down to vanity or a preoccupation with wanting to look good while struggling to see properly. Now, before any contact lenses halifax work can commence for the first time patient or customer, a thorough eye exam must be completed. In the case of the contact lenses practice, such exams are aligned accordingly.

In other words, the specialist optician will not only be testing his customer’s ability to see or sight weaknesses, but also the validity of wearing contact lenses. This has to do with more than the eyes’ ability to see and its health. It has to do with the physical shape and size of the eyes as well as that of its surrounding areas. It may well be determined that it will be deemed impractical to wear contact lenses.

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These items are rather small and delicate. You can barely see them if you excuse the unintended pun. They are also light in weight and if they are not able to slot in across the eyes, they may be susceptible to falling out a lot. This therefore, becomes quite inconvenient to the unsuited wearer of contact lenses. But in most cases, most people are able to wear the lenses. They must also bear in mind, however, that they may need to be a bit more disciplined in regard to regular eye tests.

Contact lenses in general have short shelf lives. They are disposable and regularly interchangeable. And in the process, the eyes’ strength may have altered, deeming the use of the wearer’s current set redundant. Deciding between wearing glasses and lenses is also practical, as will be the case for sportsmen and women.